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From "Jay Freeman \(saurik\)" <>
Subject 3/1/2001 FOP0.17 Change for OutputStream vs. Writer Fudged Unicode
Date Sat, 24 Mar 2001 13:05:12 GMT
I just upgraded my CVS copy of cocoon and one of the websites I host
suddenly started looking stupid :-).  My knowledge of character sets is so
limited I am going to avoid trying to describe it (trust me, this is a
*good* thing… especially considering how tired I am).

It isn’t an important website, not released to the public yet anyway, so I
left it like this as an example and threw together a simple demonstration


It just needs to get run through cocoon for it to go all crazy looking.  I
sat around with CVS for a while going back and forth in time until I found
the change that did it in:

CVS:  upgrade to support FOP0.17, Cocoon Formatter interface is changed by
this commit

  <action dev="RDG" type="add" due-to="Donald Ball"
   Added "fastcutoff" setting to to control sendRedirect,
   getOutputStream and getWriter behaviour for maximum flexibility and
backward compatibility.
  <action dev="RDG" type="update" due-to="Kelly Campbell"
   Updated Cocoon for compatibility with FOP 0.16 and above. Backward
compatibility to at least FOP 0.13
   is still maintained.
   WARNING: The Formatter interface has been changed. Instead of taking a
Writer it now takes
   an OutputStream. This makes more sense for output types like PDF.

Of course, it could be that this change FIXED something and that there is
something wrong with those files, in which case does anyone know what that
might be? :-)

Jay Freeman (saurik) <>

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