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From Klaasen Tom <>
Subject [C2] Map passing through multiple levels
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2001 17:08:12 GMT

I'm trying to pull this off:

   <map:match pattern="wimps/*">
   	<map:act type="parameter_select">
   		<parameter name="lang"/>
   		<parameter name="user"/>
   		<parameter name="version"/>
   		<map:match type="doctype" pattern="wepul">
   	 		<map:generate type="wimps" src="{1}"/>
			<map:transform type="xslt"
			<map:serialize type="html"/>

The question whether this "parameter_select" is the way to go aside, I want
the {1} in <map:generate type="wimps" src="{1}"/> to translate in the * from
<map:match pattern="wimps/*">. However, this doesn't work (because I've got
a nested matcher). Is there a way that I can get access to the value of the
* in this construct? Or do I have to put that {1} in the objectModel also
and retrieve it in the generate step? That solution doesn't seem very
attracting to me. Is there something like {../1}?

About the parameter_select: this is a class inspired on the LangSelect
action, but I tried to make it a bit more generic (it gets all parameters of
the <parameter...> tags, not only the hard coded "lang" parameter). I'm
still a bit unsecure whether this is a nice solution (it seems I've copied
the selector behaviour, but with a construct that is much easier to

Thanks for your comments.

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