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From Santiago Gala <>
Subject Would a RETransformer be needed and useful?
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2001 16:03:11 GMT
I'm thinking about a very simple transformer that would do the following:

Take a RegExp from configuration, together with substitution spec (a la 
perl s/a(.*)b/A$1B/)
Given a Event Stream, match and replace all characters
Optionally (configurable) match and replace also attribute values and 

The idea comes from a problem:

WML reserves "$", so dollars not in variables MUST be escaped (as $$). 
When I was testing WML conversion in Jetspeed, I came upon some problems 
related with this: when RSS channels brought $, WML would not compile.

I have a stylesheet that takes care of this, but it is complex, and I 
think it hides the logics and it is maybe resource consuming.

So, I was thinking that a simple transformer (on the lines of the 
proposal above) would simplify some processings.

NOTE: I'm not an XSLT expert. So, what I'm saying here is maybe trivial 
to get with XSLT, without much overhead. Also, maybe there are already 
in Cocoon tools to achieve this without having to XSLT transform.

What do you think?

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