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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Cocoon 2 Caching System
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2001 16:04:24 GMT
Hya Guys (any girls?)

After having discussed alot about caching in Cocoon 2 I think the
proposal we have so far is quite good (refering to Stefanos and Ricardos
papers posted to this list). But it needs to be cut into managable
pieces to be implemented because nobody is willing to implement it in
its hole. I had a discussion about it with a friend and we've found that
the following way to implement it could be the way:

What is it that we have so far? 

- a lot of terms probably out of the electronic engineering vacabulary
which I 
  honestly don't understand or cannot match with the cache problem (what
the hell 
  might "time locality" be in german) :/

- a cache efficency algorithm (Stefano, did you ever wrote your test
  system to show the efficency calculation algorithm like you mentioned

- interfaces for cachable objects

- a proposal for content aggregation at the generator stage (yes,
caching is
  important for this)

How to begin:

Lets focus on a caching system that only takes the generators into
account and leave the caching of transformers and serializers for a
later improvement. This way it is managable by a few persons to
implement it in a timely fashion. 

We need implementations of:

- the "cache efficiency" calculation function 
- a "key generation" system (be it my proposal or the one from Ricardo,
I don't mind)
- a SAX store for the cached content
- an XMLPipe to intercept SAX streams for content caching
- an XMLProducer to replay the stored cache content into a pipeline
- access to internal pipelines for the content aggregation

Ok, lets consolidate this list and find volunteers :)

If we can realize those pieces I'll propose to finally go beta which
IMHO will give more exposure to the Cocoon 2 project.

Please your comments


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