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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: [C2] ComponentManager/Selector Rearchitecture
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2001 05:32:20 GMT
Santiago Gala wrote:
> Thanks for your compliment. I just was trying to understand why it
> failed (It is a hobby I have, a insane hobby if any)

Same here--it also happens to be what I do at work.  Nothing like getting
paid to play!

>   For simple transformations like the "forms/add-department"
> > URL in the Cocoon samples you are looking at response times as low as 90 to 250
ms under
> > heavy load.  For more complex transformations with 5 TraxTransformer stages, you
are looking
> > at 350 to 575 ms under heavy load.  NOTE: All times specified are on an Athlon 750
> > RAM running W2K and Sun JDK 1.3.0_01 and JVM memmory set to 256MB
> (I imagine hotspot server)


> > All in all, I think we have an incredible piece of work here--with speeds that rival
> > commercial offerings.  Doing the same type of componentized pages in a markup based
> > scripting language (like ColdFusion), results in 900 to 1250 ms--and is much more
> > difficult to maintain the code.
> >
> Agreed. I am impressed by the speed I'm getting WITHOUT any caching.
> Cocoon log reports 10 ms times getting the jakarta sample
> transformation, for instance.


> > With Content Aggregation and Caching (which on my machine may not be necessary...)
> > we will have truly Insanely Great (TM) software (appologies to Steve Jobs for ripping
> > off his slogan).  We still have Garbage Collection cycles (there are alot of Strings
> > created and destroyed), but there impact is lessened do to the objects being smaller
> > and us being wiser with pooled and thread-safe resources.
> A question about GC and Strings. I'm getting mad trying to handle a problem:
> It is MUCH cleaner to use Strings in java code. But SAX events use
> char[] in characters(). Is there a simple way to avoid creating a
> mutable char[] from a inmutable String lots of times inside my code?
> I tried having a synchronized utility characters(String) reusing a char[] to copy
>  the String in it and pass it, but I'm afraid it is introducing lock contention
> and serialization in the process. Any idea?

Most of the string build-up is due to log messages.  There really is little that
can be done for the parser.  It is still cheaper to let the GC go than to introduce
something that is required to lock.  Strings are about as light weight as an Object
can get in Java.

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