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From Santiago Gala <>
Subject [PATCH] Re: [C2][Xalan2] Xalan2J problems under heavy load using Apache JMeter
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2001 22:02:43 GMT wrote:

> Thanks Davanum.  I actually reproduced what I believe is the equivalent to
> this bug last night.  So I'll keep working with that test, and then try
> your add-department2 to verify that it is fixed.
> -scott

I have searched a little bit two bugs. The one commented here (maybe), 
and the problem with <!DOCTYPE not closing ">".

I found two problems in XMLSerializer:

- The serializer "wap", for WML and the XMLSerializer used in voiceML 
are in the same pool. So, funny things happen. If you hit first the 
hello.vml page, the .wml page works (without doctype). If it is the 
other way round, both fail because the WML DOCTYPE is not properly 
closed. I have no fix for this one, other than having different pools in
Avalon to manage the serializers that have different properties.

- Following the chain of inheritance, I found that XMLSerializer fails 
to propagate .recycle() up. There is a missing class in the hierarchy. 
There is a intermediate class that does not implement Recyclable.

I used the following patch to ensure super is called. I'm not sure about
reinitializing the format, as I think it will get initialized only once, 
so it should persist. Somebody here should know about this.

It seems to solve some of the errors reported in this thread.

I have a remaining error (apart from the DOCTYPE not closing ">"):

The synchronization in org.apache.avalon.util.JdbcConnectionPool is 
broken. I was about to patch it, but a major code reorganization is 
required, so I preferred to ask first.

I get Jdbc working until a moment when the a lot of connections get 
removed from the pool (many more than created, according to the log) and
things fail after.

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