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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject [C2] objectModel issues
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2001 16:35:09 GMT
One of the ideas behind Cocoon is the ability to use it in
different contexts like: JAMES Mailet, Servlet, Avalon Block,
CommandLine, etc.  One of the things that we do that makes
Cocoon inextricably tied to the Servlet API is the use of
the HttpServletRequest (or even HttpRequest) objects in
logicsheets, actions, and any place we want to get a request
parameter.  This is not consistent with the Separation of
Concerns pattern in use within Cocoon.  We have specified
several interfaces that allows Cocoon to abstract out the
interface from the implementation.

What we have is a mess on our hands in this regard, because
it forces Cocoon to be a Servlet, and only a Servlet.  Cocoon
needs to specify the interfaces that it will allow internal
components to use.  If that means redefining the HttpServletX
interfaces to be Cocoon specific, then we need to do that.
It will also allow us to have the HttpServlet22 and HttpServlet23
classes in the archive at the same time.  That will allow the
webapp to be compiled once and deployed in any Servlet 2.2+
container--without recompiling.

I would propose simplifying the Request/Response interfaces
a little bit, and merging the Parameters and Attributes into
one access point.  Also, by using this approach, we won't need
to worry about having the Servlet jar in the classpath.

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