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From Santiago Gala <>
Subject Re: [C2] Requirement for Servlet in extra-classpath solution
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2001 12:06:11 GMT
Santiago Gala wrote:

> Tagunov Anthony wrote:
>> I heard there's some good NLS support in Jetspeed. Would be VERY 
>> intrigued
>> to know if they have a way of solving the trounble. That's why posting 
>> to both
>> lists.
> It will fail. I just tried with Spanish characters, and got them back as 
> utf-8->iso-8859-1 mix, as you said.
> I will look at your proposal. One more reason to have a "servlet API 
> buffer" component.
Our code was broken. I had to replace

<FORM accept-charset="UNKNOWN"

<FORM accept-charser="UTF-8, ISO-8859-1"

Now it works, but I have only tested with my spanish keyboard.

This is what the standard mandates. With the previous code,
the browser was encoding the answer as the page encoding UTF-8, but it 
was not telling it to jetspeed.

Now it is encoding it as UTF-8 AND the browser is setting the proper 
encoding in the response/request.

With other browsers I'm not sure, in particular the Ericson WAP phone 
that Anthony said.

I have tested with Mozilla 0.8. But at least we are doing it right now. 
The changes are commited in cvs both for jsp and vm templates.

WRT your problems in cocoon, it is a matter of generating the right FORM 
tag. If you know the encoding, you can generate it with the right 
accept-charset attribute.

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