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From Santiago Gala <>
Subject Re: [C2] Requirement for Servlet in extra-classpath solution
Date Sun, 11 Mar 2001 13:11:45 GMT
Tagunov Anthony wrote:

> I heard there's some good NLS support in Jetspeed. Would be VERY intrigued
> to know if they have a way of solving the trounble. That's why posting to both
> lists.

We are not covering this issue. What I "audited" and tracked was the path that
RSS channels followed inside Jetspeed.

We had problems, as we needed to cache them in disk, and we had to reconstruct the
encoding (we did it by using UTF-8 always on cache, regardless of original encoding).

We had to track a couple of internal bugs (losing the encoding via ByteArrayOutputStream
and the like), and also a bug in ecs (now solved).

We are enforcing always using utf-8 in pages. The reason is that a portal can have
an arbitrary mixture of input source, each using a different encoding. So, having a
unicode capable encoding is the only way to be safe, and avoid an expensive negotiation
process to find the needed encoding, as the page is rendered.

But I'm rather sure that if you try to do:

- go to
- login as turbine/turbine
- Select "Edit Account" in Top Navigation
- Input some non latin characters (two bytes if possible) there 
- Update

It will fail. I just tried with Spanish characters, and got them back as utf-8->iso-8859-1
mix, as you said.
I will look at your proposal. One more reason to have a "servlet API buffer" component.

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