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From Ross Burton <>
Subject [C2] SVG Serializer
Date Sat, 10 Mar 2001 15:54:41 GMT
I have just committed support for the new Batik TranscoderFactory I
wrote in the SVG Serializer.  I have complete faith in the patch,
however it is not fully tested...  Sorry guys.  For some reason Tomcat
(4.0b1) refuses to start, with a FileNotFound thrown from

This update allows the user to only specify a MIME type and the
transcoder will be automatically selected if one is registered. The
factory at the moment knows about image/png, image/jpeg and image/jpg. 
A transcoder can still be specified if you want to use a custom

I hope it works!  If it breaks, mail me at and (my work address).

Now, I'm going to play some Counter-Strike :-)

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