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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: [C2] ComponentManager/Selector Rearchitecture
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2001 00:15:59 GMT
At 05:43  19/3/01 +0100, Ricardo Rocha wrote:
>I know the following is pertinent to Avalon more than to C2, but much of the
>C2 infrastructure is so generic that parts of it could be eventually moved to
>Avalon or even become separate subdistributions (e.g. the XML compiler,
>some of the org.apache.cocoon.xml interfaces/abstract classes, etc)

Theres a new project that is starting up on jakarta ("commons") that is to
contain "reusable components" which may also be an option.

>Thinking bigger, "RoleInfo" actually embodies the notion of "Avalon-based
>framework", a concept that might well deserve first-class citizen status in
>the Avalon set of abstractions.

In Avalon we have ServiceInfo == RoleInfo

>The collection of roles defined by an Avalon-based framework is simmetrical
>to the notion of an OO interface: for the same framework, there could be one
>or more "implementations", each differing by the actual role-implementing
>classes and their respective configurations.
>Using this metaphor, we could say that each C2's sitemap configuration is
>actually an "implementation" of the C2 framework interface (as currently
>defined in RoleUtils)
>If we had a "framework management" framework in Avalon, things like sitemap
>compilation could be seen as _services_ provided by the metaframework (along
>with configuring component managers/selectors via role info as discussed)

A month or two ago I was talking about TurbineKernel/CocoonKernel and how
it relates to atlantis+camelot (avalons generic kernel + generic container
apis). The notion of a CocoonKernel and CocoonApplication. The CocoonKernel
would be the super-manager that contains many CocoonApplications. The
CocoonApplication would be the "implementation" you talk about and would
manage most of inter-component assembly/configuration/support etc. There is
a scratchy first pass that in CVS but it is not yet up to scratch (mainly
because I only had two kernel style projects to work on at the time and
didn't want to develope anything outside reference to real-world problems).



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