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From Gianugo Rabellino <>
Subject Introducing Bibop
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2001 17:49:17 GMT
Hello Cocoon people,

I would like to introduce to the Cocoon community 
Bibop Research, an italian company based in Milan
who's actively basing his work on XML technologies,
with a clear preference for Cocoon. We have been
working somehow "behind the scenes" until now, but
we have followed the Cocoon evolution with the
clear objective to give back to the project all
our efforts. I personally met some of you at the
London Apachecon, and look forward to see you in
Santa Clara next week: meanwhile I would like to
somehow step in and see if we can be of any use
to the community.

We have already something to contribute. We are
working in the dynamic XML generation field and we
developed a small tool to help us in this field
using a SAX oriented and component based approach:
we called the result "x:forge", and should you be 
interested you can find some more information at 
the URL; pleas bear with
us for the lack of documentation and the overall
messy layout: we set up this site as a sort of 
quick place holder and the project itself lacks 
good documentation, but work is underway.

On the same site it's available a generic component 
and utility repository in which you will find a 
generic SAX processing framework based on the GoF's 
State design pattern (SAXPF) and a tool to process
command line options. Kudos to Ricardo Rocha for
this great software that is going to save
our life in our SAX processing stuff.

Finally on the site you will also see in the next few
days some Cocoon 1 patches that we did in order
to back port a sort of sitemap: we liked the 
idea too much to wait for C2 :-)

All this software, of course, while covered by
a temporary (open source) license, is in our heart
ready to be donated to the ASF should you find
it useful. Feedback about this issue is, of course,
much appreciated. :-)

Apart from the ongoing projects in Bibop Research
we would like to contribute manpower, ideas and
skills to Cocoon. We are eager to see C2
in action so we would love to jump on board
and see if we can be of any help.

Thank you for reading all this stuff: I hope
to see many of you next week in Santa Clara!


Gianugo Rabellino
BiBop Research, Int. S.p.A

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