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From SÚrgio Carvalho <>
Subject How can a Generator read command-line parameters?
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2001 17:03:10 GMT

I'm writing an EjbGenerator, enabling C2 to communicate with Enterprise JavaBean containers.
I'm now facing the problem of passing parameters to the EJB method. Here I'd like some help
from C2 architecture-savvy folks.

I've managed to find a way to reach HTTP parameters, using the same method as PhpGenerator
does: getting the HttpServlet request like this:
  this.request = (HttpServletRequest) objectModel.get(Constants.REQUEST_OBJECT);
from here on it's a rosy path. 

However, and my problem lies here, this only allows the use of the Generator within a Servlet
container environment. From what I've read in the list, C2 aims to be usable from command-line
also. How can I reach command-line parameters? Isn't there (shouldn't there be) a unified
interface for parameter access?

Thanks all,


P.S. Of course, when finished and tested, I'll give the source code to the codebase. 

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