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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: Request to transfer bug to Cocoon: Re: [PATCH] Re: [C2][Xalan2] Xalan2J problems under heavy load using Apache JMeter
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2001 11:21:30 GMT
Sure, Scott. Please transfer it back and Thanks for diagnosing the problem.

-- dims

--- wrote:
> I believe I now have enough solid evidence that this is a cocoon bug to
> transfer the bug report over to you guys.
> In my test I am using http://localhost:8080/cocoon/sites/
> An exception is thrown pretty quickly on a null ResultTreeHandler from
> within ElemLiteralResult.  I did a test in our SourceTreeHandler
> (implements the TransformerHandler interface), and checked for reentry to
> the startDocument event.  If I can determine reentry to startDocument
> before endDocument occurs, I did a stack dump.  This led me to
> FileGenerator#generate().
> My first suspect was that the contentHandler member variable wasn't being
> properly cleared.  But I would think that would cause all sorts of problems
> beyond a thread-based overwrite.  I tried synchronizing that block with the
> ContentHandler, and that actually caused the problems to get much worse...
> exceptions were being thrown by Xerces like crazy.  I conclude from this
> that the same parser object is being used by multiple threads.
> So I synchronized with the parser object immediatly after the
> (Parser)this.manager.lookup(Roles.PARSER) lookup.  This fixed it!
> So my conclusion is that somehow either the pooling of the parser, or
> perhaps the pooling of the FileGenerator, or both, is failing.
> Is it OK if I transfer
>, and perhaps
>, and let you guys
> take it from here?  Someone more familiar with Cocoon and Avalon internals
> can diagnose the problem from here far more efficiently than I can.
> -scott
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