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From Martin Man <>
Subject Cocoon monitoring
Date Sun, 11 Mar 2001 08:49:31 GMT
Hi devlprs,
	I'm about to implement sort of monitoring engine for my "distributed
system" which is based on cocoon, e.g., I'd like to connect to my URL, specify
username and assword and see some bloody things that are happening inside of
my webapp, e.g., 

	how many session onjects exist (and therefore how many active users
are logged in), which page they're seeing now (and which they have seen
before, which transactions or queries they performed (SQL, LDAP, EJB calls) 
and how much time did it take, etc., etc..

	I was thinking about special logicsheet that could be used for this
and a special db structure used for storing the accounting data, however this
would involve for me to modify all basic logicsheets (esql, ldap, ejb, 
session) to
perform logging and I could still miss activity that's hapenning via calls
from ordinary servlets or other parts of an webapp (like jsp, applets, etc.)

	also logging which page has been accessed and when is pure duplication
of apache's or tomcat's logging effort

	however the idea of monitoring the webapp seems to me very attractive,
maybe I miss something really obvious, sort of app which already does this,
please could you comment on what do you think about ???



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