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From Paul Russell <>
Subject [Heads up] All change
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 20:37:16 GMT

This is just a quick note to let you guys know that after working with
the guys and gals at Luminas for a year or so, I'm now moving on to
pastures new. I dare say certain members of the Luminas posse will
continue to pop in on occasion, and I will still be advising them from
time to time (because I'm nice like that, you see).

My new role with a large UK financial portal, however, this role does
not at present directly involve using Cocoon. I will continue to work on
cocoon outside work hours, as I feel it is a very important piece of the
web application puzzle. Bizarrely, I should be able to do _more_
work on cocoon rather than less as I'll be working 9-5 rather than The
Director's Lot (24x7, pretty much ;). The first few weeks could be a
little painful as I adjust and sort myself out though (I've also got to
sort out my communications infrastructure for working from home etc,
since most of the kit I'm using at present belongs to Luminas), so if I
disappear for a week or so, that's why.

I've started working on the content aggregation stuff I mentioned last
week, and I'll check it in as I go where possible (between dry cleaning
suits, getting some sleep and learning the innards of the new company

Apols for the off topic post, but I think it's important to keep you
guys informed!

Paul Russell                                Email:
Developer, Apache Cocoon 2                    www:

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