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From Krzysztof Zielinski <>
Subject Re[2]: Cocoon automatic configuration and CDK.
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 07:59:09 GMT

Hello Robin,

Monday, March 26, 2001, 11:42:32 PM, you wrote:

RG> Good, this will save some headaches. :-)
It was one of the main reason creating CDK.
I'm checking Cocoon 1 and 2 distribution every week. Every time I have
to change Cocoon configuration to mine, so making configuration more 
automatic would help me and may be others.

>>1. I'd like to add link to CDK distribution on official Cocoon page.
>>Actually CDK is on
RG> Added on 3rd party page in CVS.
I haven't seen this link on

>>2. I'd like to store CDK on server.
RG> You need to bring it up-to-date first - ship cocoon 1.8.2. Also README-FIRST
I'm working on it.

RG> is not finished and does not exist. And I don't think an "official"
RG> apache release of CDK should use a beta version of tomcat, in my opinion.
The official Tomcat version T3.2 doesn't let to create C1 or C2 in
their own directory in webapps. It lets to create C1 only in webapps/ROOT

I have decided on T3.3-m2 because there are fixed trouble with sharing
libs between application.
I have heard that the newest Tomcat4 lets to deploy C1 and C2 on it.

>>3. I'd like to make Cocoon 2 configuration with various databases more
>>I have modified original build.xml and Cocoon 2 files with database

RG> Have you modified anything in Cocoon 1? If so what?
To create CDK with C1.8.2 I have moddified, but those fixes
have been made in a newest Cocoon from CVS.

I have still some questions:
1. Is it possible to modify all needed files from Cocoon2 distribution 
2. with special Ant tokes and then modiffied build.xml would change them
for a special database configuration.

2.Whom I should sent modified (diff) build.xml and all needed files
from Cocoo2 CVS?

Best regards,
  ICQ # 47933362

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