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From Jörg Prante <>
Subject Re: Cocoon monitoring
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2001 10:27:04 GMT
Martin Man wrote:
> 	however the idea of monitoring the webapp seems to me very attractive,
> maybe I miss something really obvious, sort of app which already does this,
> please could you comment on what do you think about ???

There is a plan of myself to add a basic logging engine that can monitor 

Sessions are a servlet container issue, so the best place would be extending 
the servlet container, or using the servlet container monitoring capabilities 
if they exist. Tomcat does not have built-in session monitoring services, but 
I can imagine there are some plans to extend these kind of services. Cocoon 
is only a single servlet, so the web app monitoring task is a hard one, given 
that you want to cover all activities of other web apps from within Cocoon. 
So I decided to reduce the task to Cocoon sessions. 

Here is my approach:

- adding a <listener-class> in Cocoon 2's web.xml according to Tomcat 4.0 
Servlet API 2.3. I'm afraid Servlet API 2.2 will not be supported, since 2.3 
has been significantly changed in session handling.

- the listener class will add some identification information to a Tomcat 
session object if a Cocoon session is identified.

- other application dependant session information has to be specified. It is 
very important when to add and remove such information to a session object.

- the identified sessions have to be timestamped and recorded if their 
objects grow or shrink, and this point of occurences must be defined before 
deploy time in the Cocoon 2 sitemap. 

- a flat file logging database backend.

- logicsheet tags for accessing the listener class to get the current session 
logging status.

- everything configurable by XML.

Why only Cocoon2? Because I think the best place for a fine-grained session 
logging configuration is in the sitemap. 

In the Cocoon todo.xml I found the following:

> Implement a internal profiling tool that should indicate the load and 
> history of such along with the status page. Something both useful and fancy
> to show the power of C2.

I don't know if profiling is the same as monitoring since profiling sounds 
like being addressed to Cocoon developers only. Profiling would include the 
XSL processing issues and internal performance-related data-logging as well. 
Session logging is addressed to web masters and could be a first step into 
the direction of controlling the load of a Cocoon site.

I hope my approach will be valuable for the Cocoon project. Currently I'm 
busy with many things, but also with testing the approach. It might take some 
weeks, so please don't hesitate to try some session logging by yourself.


Jörg Prante
Sevenval AG (HRB 32757) e-business marketing technologies
D-50667 Köln . Alter Markt 36-42
Fon +49 221 65007-0 . Fax 4249891 .

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