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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject Re: [RT] sharing latest research production (long!)]
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2001 15:01:00 GMT
> Paul Russell wrote:
> * Carsten Ziegeler ( wrote :
> Not *all* translaters. I think stefano means to avoid situations where
> the transformation acts on commands contained within the content stream
> to retrieve content from elsewhere without using xinclude. I must admit,
> bits of this are slightly over my head -- I'm not entirely sure what
> Stefano means by atomic in this context, for example. Stefano, am I
> understanding you right?
> > And this in turn would reduce the flexibility of the pipeline:
> > How could I then generate a pipeline which uses more than one (former)
> transformer,
> > e.g. the SQLTransformer and the I18nTransformer? This would leed to a
> huge mess of generators
> > for all possible combinations.
> Why would you use the SQL transformer? It's now fairly well deprecated
> in favour of the ESQL logicsheet. I'm not sure about the i18n
> transformer, because I've not looked at it in detail, but it may well be
> that we can create a logicsheet for that, too.
Ok, perhaps I should look more carefully at the logicsheets then. Is it possible
to combine the logicsheets in a way that the "result" of one logicsheet is processed
by another one? E.g. having the SQLTransformer and the I18nTransformer. The SQLTransformer
fetches data from the database (with information for more than one language) and the
I18nTransformer filters this result for the correct language. Is this possible with
logicsheets? (I know that this example is a bit lame - but in lack of time its the first
which came in mind).


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