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From Stuart Roebuck <>
Subject Re: [C2] [Bug] ComponentNotAccessibleException
Date Sat, 24 Feb 2001 17:40:47 GMT
Further follow up:

It's nothing to do with where it's running.  I've followed it as far as I could but wasn't
getting anywhere so I reverted back to my previous version for the timebeing.

For future reference, if I'm trying to trace a bug which may be in the avalonapi.jar in a
CVS version of C2, is there any robust way of obtaining the correct version of the avalon
sourcecode for the library.

I downloaded the latest avalon CVS, but it looked like it might be a little more up to date
than the one in Cocoon.

If these two projects are constantly being altered in tandem, I could see this issue being
a real problem from time to time.  Could we incorporate some kind of note in the Cocoon repository
containing a revision tag or date for the Avalon CVS that would guarantee getting the synced


On Saturday, February 24, 2001, at 01:37 PM, Stuart Roebuck wrote:

> Follow-up info: 
> This always happens on the second request for a page from a particular webapp context.
> There appears to be no problem running the Cocoon webapp, so I wonder whether there is
> issue with webapps that are outside of the tomcat/webapp/ directory and explicitly 
> included in conf/server.xml? 
> Stuart. 

Stuart Roebuck                        
Lead Developer                               Java, XML, MacOS X, XP, etc.
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