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From Stuart Roebuck <>
Subject Re: [C2] Unit testing.
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2001 17:13:07 GMT
Any thoughts on what pattern will be used for including the tests?

My personal preference is locating the tests alongside the classes and allowing Ant to strip
them out when the distribution package is built.

So you have: (JUnit tests) (JUnit tests)

This keeps the code and test very close and always side by side in alphabetical directory
listings, but allows it to be removed with a generic:

	exclude name="**/*"

Any test input or output files can be put in a separate Test subdirectory and excluded with:

	exclude name="**/Test"

So you have: (JUnit tests) (JUnit tests)

I'm not saying that this pattern is any better than any other, I just thought it would be
worth having a pattern to work to.


On Thursday, February 8, 2001, at 05:42 PM, Paul Russell wrote:

> Guys, 
> Having spent all day upto my arm pits in bits of cocoon, xerces and 
> xalan, I've come to the conclusion that tracking down bugs in bits of 
> cocoon can be nearly impossible at the moment. How would you guys feel 
> about us starting to use JUnit to run unit tests over cocoon? That way 
> we can be a lot more confident that we didn't just break something when 
> we make a change? The tests can range from checking that a matcher 
> matches, to checking that a classloader class loads, to checking that 
> the output of a particular pipeline is as expected. I'm very happy to 
> help in this respect, and I have minions (eh, boss?) that will put some 
> work into developing tests, too. How do you guys feel about this? 
> Does anyone know whether the IBM Public Licence is APL compatible, or 
> would we have to keep JUnit out of the repository? 
> P. 
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