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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject RE: [c2] Cocoon XInclude
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2001 09:00:58 GMT
>                            Cocoon XInclude
>                            ===============
> Cocoon requires a way to specify content aggregating behavior. 

Oh, yes!!:)

> This is defined by making possible for a generated page to trigger a
> Cocoon internal subrequest and substitute the triggering content with
> the content generated from the internal subrequest.

So a generator can trigger another generator via this subrequest.
This sounds cool ... so inclusion of serverpages should be possible, correct?
Assuming this: we are talking about generator based inclusion.

I alway felt XInclude beeing a transformer is a little unnatural.
Isn't including more generating than a transforming issue?


> 1) the URI must be local and internal, therefor it must *NOT* contain a
> protocol identifier: this enforces SoC by placing direct resource
> control on the sitemap and avoid loosing aggregation information around
> the system.
> I repeat this since it's very important: allowing the aggregation of
> resources directly instead of passing thru the sitemap, creates the same
> problems that the document() XPath function generates, making site
> administration a nightmare and placing site growth saturation with
> concern overlap.

So how would you accomplish external aggregation then?

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