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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Latest Update to Sitemap system
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2001 22:19:53 GMT
I have finished my restructuring of the Cocoon Sitemap
section, and have all components correctly created and
organized.  It will require you to delete your precompiled
sitemap after updating.

Hopefully this proves more stable than the last couple of days.
I appologize for the inconvenience in the mean time, and
please let me know if there are some serious issues with
what I have done so far.

I think there might be some issues with the ComponentPools,
I think the number of components cached are too many--but
there is not much else I can do at this present juncture.

I am now going into the process of converting my Proof-Of-Concept
into a working app on Cocoon 2--so there won't be any major
issues in Cocoon in the VNF (Very Near Future).

The remaining issues that I would like to see corrected (and
will do as I have time) are:

1) Minimize Namespace calling in XSP pages
2) Change Normalized Names to mean "within a context".
   This will allow us to precompile the site and have
   it function in _any_ environment.
3) Prefix translation for built-in stylesheets.
4) Examine and enhance reload mechanism

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