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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject [C2] Result of XSP performance Analysis
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2001 18:24:58 GMT
After reviewing the code last night for the ServerPagesGenerator
path I made some notes so that we can see where we need to
improve.  Some of the comments are generic and not directly
related, but here they are:


1) Every class that uses ComponentManager to get the Cocoon Component
   should be made Contextualizable--The same information is in the
   Application Context, and therefore we don't need to violate the
   Inversion of Control pattern.  Think of the Cocoon object as the
   Kernel for Cocoon.
2) Cocoon is NOT a ComponentManager, and should not implement that
   interface.  Neither should it include itself as a reachable
3) Cocoon does not RECEIVE Configuration objects from an outside
   entity, and therefore should not implement the Configurable
   interface--UNLESS we are going to make it a proper Component
   for inclusion in other contexts than a Web Servlet.


1) We should make the MemoryStore the one accessed by the Cocoon
   ComponentManager using the Role STORE.
2) We should add a FileStore accessible by the Cocoon ComponentManager
   with the Role REPOSITORY.
3) We need to narrow the interfaces for generation to something
   other than Object.  ProgramGenerator needs to return a Generator,
   MarkupLanguage needs to return a String containing source code,
   and ProgrammingLanguage needs to return a Class file.
4) We should extend CocoonComponentSelector to select the proper
   XSP instances--thus taking advantage of the Avalon lifecycle
5) The Store interface should allow us to throw an exception--that
   way we don't have to do a get() to make sure something has been
   properly stored.
6) Default AutoReload to false


1) We need to minimize Namespace calling.  It is unnecessary to call
   Start and End Namespace Mapping arround _every_ start and end
   element event.  We only need to do that where it is called.
2) The Class name generated should be created from NormalizedNames
   (In other words the portion that belongs to the context).
3) Any time we encounter a namespace for a logicsheet, we need to
   look up the expected prefix (specified in Cocoon.xconf) and use
   that prefix--that way the LogicSheets will work independently of
   the prefix used to write the page.
4) We need to enhance the Reload Detection mechanism--it is too slow.
5) We need to add the ability to turn off reloading.
6) We need to add the ability to precompile a site (i.e. using
   generated classnames that are keyed off of the normalized path
   instead of the absolute path).

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