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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: [C2] Running JMeter on Cocoon Samples
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2001 21:21:57 GMT
I took the liberty of including the two resulting files from
XSP generation and File generation.  It is important to note
that they are the _IDENTICAL_ file

Berin Loritsch wrote:
> I discovered something incredible.  The XSP system is our
> major performance sink-hole.  This I find to be amazing.
> If you compare the /sql/sql-page to /xsp/esql then you will
> find that even though the SQLTransformer is doing more
> (visually) it scales much more easily than ESQL.  I then
> tried running it on xsp/simple and forms/add-department
> which did very little (comparably).  The forms/add-department
> was placed as XSP for the sole reason that I wanted the sitemap
> to be simple.
> Here are the averages according to the Cocoon.log file:
> Welcome  SQL     ESQL      SIMPLE     ADD
> -------  ------  --------  --------   --------
> 96 ms    156 ms  8.64 Sec  8.29 Sec   6.68 Sec
> Now, upon closer inspection, the SQLTransformer class stopped
> trying to get information from the database after a certain
> point.
> I set JRun to simulate 1,000,000 page requests per day
> (12 simultaneous threads, requesting once a second with
>  a full second deviation).
> To me, this deviation of performance is rediculous.  I find
> XSP to be a very compelling technology, but it's real world
> scalability is lacking.  Even after it has compiled, there
> is too much going on in there during page generation.  The
> XSP pages technically should run faster than the normal pages
> because it is a class loaded, and hardcoded to send the SAX
> messages right away.
> I have my suspiscions as to where the problems may lie:
> Class validation (is it current?) and sending too many
> namespace events.  I am going to try running reading a
> normal file through the LogTransformer, and then an XSP
> file through the same LogTransformer.  I have a feeling
> that those two areas are are major performance bottlenecks.
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