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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject [c2] Periodic WebSphere Rant and possible solution
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2001 21:50:49 GMT
I have come to despise WebSphere's Servlet implementation and
classloaders.  The reason being is that they do everything in
there power to not let Cocoon be included as a monolithic
war file.  They have a so-called "PowerClassLoader" that merely
loads classes.  Absolutely no resources can be pulled from
the IBM classloader.  This is a major issue.  Even with all of
that, the context.getResource() method is screwed as well.  It
refuses to allow me to pull context resources properly.

The only solution I can see to making this behave in WebSphere
is to go _completely_ File Based.  I find that a very ugly
solution.  In effect, that is what Tomcat does, but Cocoon
doesn't care.  Personally I am very much -1 on the headache
of a pure File-Based approach.

My question is this: "Is WebSphere the only seriously broken
implementation, or are there many more like it?"

Currently, I am really trying to dissuade my superiors from
using WebSphere, but unfortunately it is an easy sell for the

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