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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Standardizing XSP Namespaces
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 20:12:45 GMT
This is in regards to the namespaces for XSP.  It is fairly
fructrating when you have to deal with changing the namespace
URI when there is nothing _Functionaly_ different between the
two logicsheets.

I would like us to choose one URI for each of the included
Logicsheets in Cocoon.  This is already done for ESQL, and
it would _really_ make Donald's and everyone else's job
alot easier in maintaining them.

The critical ones are the ones that are currently in both

Cocoon 1                                           |Cocoon 2
Prefix   | Namespace                               | Prefix       | Namespace
xsp      |     | xsp          |
request  |  | xsp-request  |
response | | xsp-response |
util     |     | util         |
sendmail |    | sendmail     |
esql     |         | esql         |

This is before I start porting the rest of the core
Logicsheets to Cocoon 2.

Cocoon 2 URIs
pros: simple, short
cons: no versioning

Cocoon 2 URIs
pros: versioning
cons: long

My proposal is to make all the URIs like the last two entries
(sendmail and esql), because they are simple, and versioning
is included.

Also--until dependence on the prefix are resolved we should
standardize on the Cocoon 1 prefixes.

After dependancies on prefixes are resolved, the expected
results should be that if the stylesheet creates elements,
they should belong to the associated namespace, using the
default prefix.

That means that <request:get-parameter name="foo" as="xml"/>
will _always_ return <request:parameter>bar</request:parameter>
even if the parameter was retrieved with
<xsp-request:get-parameter name="foo" as="xml"/>

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