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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: [C2] [Bug] ComponentNotAccessibleException]
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2001 06:49:24 GMT

It is a bit hard to track this down directly although there was a bugfix a
while back regarding a similar exception. SO could you change about Line 214 from:

            this.log = LogKit.createLogger(cocoonCategory, new LogTarget[] {
                       new FileOutputLogTarget(path),
                       new ServletLogTarget(context, Priority.ERROR)

        final AvalonLogFormatter formatter = new AvalonLogFormatter();
        final LogTarget fileLogTarget = new FileOutputLogTarget(path);
        final LogTarget servletLogTarget = 
                  new ServletLogTarget(context, Priority.ERROR);

        //set up some formatter - as long as it includes throwable
        formatter.setFormat( "%{time} [%7.7{priority}] <<%{category}>> " +
                             "(%{context}): %{message}\\n%{throwable}" );

        fileLogTarget.setFormatter( formatter );
        servletLogTarget.setFormatter( formatter );

        this.log = LogKit.createLogger(cocoonCategory, new LogTarget[] {

The above will just print out exactly where the error is by recursing the
Cascading Exceptions and printing out the whole exception hierarchy.

And could you also tell me the date of Avalon this was compiled against?
Given that I think it should be easier to fix the error.



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