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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject [Avalon][C2] ComponentPool problems under Apache JMeter
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2001 20:34:58 GMT

One major problem for the XSP scalability is that the Pool system is not good and we keep
new instances of the stuff that extends XSPGenerator. Avalon's ThreadSafePool and AbstractPool
need to be re-visited/re-written. Here are the problems.

1. AbstractPool's get() should allocate from a pool of available connections. I could not
understand why it has code that expands the pool? and that code never gets called because
is never null (init is called). Shouldn't the get() shrink the size of the available pool
if it is
too big instead?

2. Abstract Pool's put() should add the component to the available pool. So theoretically
if the
pool size is not big enough it should expand the pool size not reduce it....

3. ThreadSafePool's get() and put() are declared final. They should not be.

4. Currently the mechanism for growing and shrinking pools is severely broken. The code has
to be

5. Please note that C2's ComponentPool now uses ThreadSafePool and not AbstractPool directly.

Can you please take a look? 


Davanum Srinivas, JNI-FAQ Manager

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