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From Marcelo Ochoa <>
Subject Re: [ot] XSLT pain in the *?
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2001 16:58:30 GMT

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mensaje original

El 27/2/01, 10.58.42, "Sven Kuenzler" <> escribió sobre el tema 
Re: [ot] XSLT pain in the *?:

> Hi Martin,

> > XSLT is very powerful but in real world production the problem I faced is
> no
> > one want to write stylesheets:

> In your answer, you are adressing two very different problems, I think. 
> happen to look alike, because Cocoon is utilizing XSLT in both areas.

> > - Developers says this is too restrictive, not a real langage and say 
> > not their job.
> > Sometimes they agree to write an XSP Logicsheet but they are now really
> > angry about writing *a lot* of text (<,>) instead of just writing
> beautiful
> > OO Servlets (yup i know they don't have exactly the same role but..).

> I understood this is an issue that is accepted in the Cocoon community. 
> order to reduce the amount of XML content a developer in the "logic
> department" has to write, there were plans to create a special language,
> named Silly.

> > - Graphists says they don't want to open an editor, but want to stay in
> > Phtotoshop or Dreamweaver.
> >
> > At that point we have decided to drop Cocoon because of this XSL/T
> problems,
> > I personaly thinks XSLT is really useful when you have no other choice to
> > use it (transform a document in an other) but not useful to create 
> > until Macromedia or someone else doesn't make an XSL editor for graphist.

> This issue was my original concern: Does anybody know whether there are
> (Semi-)WYSIWYG-XSLT tools in development? What are the key drawbacks of 
> when your task is
>    - to layout a web site?
>    - to make page "look nice"?
 Look at:
 We are using Dreamweaver for designing our web pages and convert it to 
XML/XSL with Xsplit.
  Xsplit has general tags to be include into the HTML by the designer 
which will match with the XML generated by developer.
  There are two different philosophy at this point:
    - Once, design the XML and DTD by the content provider (developer) 
and pass this information to the designer to work with Xsplit. Then, 
validates the design with the user.
   - Or, Makes the complete design by the designer and makes the XML 
examples and DTD which the layout needs. Then, translate this 
requirements to the content developer for making the program (XSP or DB 
Prism's stored procedures) which generates the expected XML output.
>     Sven....
  Best regards, Marcelo
Do you know DB Prism look @
More info? 
- Chapter 21 “Profesional XML Databases” at Wrox Press 
- Chapter 8 “Oracle & Open Source” by O'Reilly (
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