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From Paul Russell <>
Subject Re: Pool contracts (Was Re: [Fwd: [C2] [Bug] ComponentNotAccessibleException])
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2001 14:46:54 GMT
* Berin Loritsch ( wrote :
> For very stable environments that have a steady resource usage, the
> No resource limiting pool will have the best performance because the
> pool will be filled with the number of resources already necessary.
> It won't be practical for environments with usage spikes because the pool
> will be sized for the highest spike--which most of the time is wasted
> space.

We should probably have an AdaptivePool, too. This would be similar to
the no-limits pool except it would gradually shrink back to a sensible
size. This can be implemented in various ways -- e.g. by killing off 10%
of the pooled components over every 30 minute period, with the net
result that if there is a spike, it should get back to normal relatively
quickly. There are better algorithms out there, but you get the idea.


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