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From Paul Russell <>
Subject Re: [C2] Problem with component pools.
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2001 18:06:29 GMT
* Berin Loritsch ( wrote :
> Quick and easy one:
> Simply use a different class.  In other words why not have a
> PngSvgSerializer and a JpegSvgSerializer that wraps up the
> configurations necessary for explicitly making it use the different
> formats.  That is the _easy_ way.

Yep. Not ideal though.

> Another simple and easy method is a wrapper that lets the Pool "mark"
> the client silently to the end user.  Although without moving to JDK
> 1.3 and the Proxy interface, this would quickly become an unweildy
> solution.

Mm-hmm. What's the position on using 1.3 features in C2? Though it
doesn't cause me any problems, JDK1.3 isn't available on all platforms,
so this might not be feasible yet.

I've just checked out the references stuff, and I don't think it helps
afterall. From what I can tell, the references only get enqueued _after_
they're cleared. It's one of those weird APIs that appears to be more or
less useless by design :/

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