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From Paul Russell <>
Subject Re: AW: [C2]: Component Pooling and recycling
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2001 11:22:49 GMT
* Carsten Ziegeler ( wrote :
> > * Carsten Ziegeler ( wrote :
> > > I would suggest to change the behaviour of 3. and 4. that Recyclable
> > > sitemap components are always recycled and that Poolable sitemap
> > > components are alyways returned to the pool - regardless if they
> > > declare PoolClient or not.
> > How do you propose doing the last?
> The ResourcePipeline currently gets the sitemap components out of the pool
> and puts them back if they declare PoolClient. I would add at that point
> an additional test for Poolable and Recyclable. The SitemapComponentSelector
> must be extended by a put-method() for this.

Uhuh. Might make more sense to add the 'put' method to the
CocoonComponentSelector, which is where all the pooling code seems to

Other than that, I have no major problem with it. I still think the
Avalon ComponentManager interface needs changing so that it contains a
'put' method, however. Anything that can 'compose' a component should be
able to 'put' it back afterwards. Everything we're doing to get around
this looks like a hack to me.

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