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From Paul Russell <>
Subject Re: Quick point on xinclude syntax.
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2001 18:48:09 GMT
* Stefano Mazzocchi ( wrote :
> Last time I checked, the XInclude syntax changed from elements to
> attributes, following the xlink metaphor. And I believe this is a better
> way of doing things since xinclusion is a behavioral property (like
> link) not a structural one.
> Did the proposal went back on elements? I'll checkit out myself, but in
> that case, I'll propose to drop support for Xinclude alltogether and
> implement our own namespace for that, also because there is a problem
> with XInclude:

I think they did change it back, yes. There's a paragraph in the current
spec which says words to the effect of 'due to user feedback, we have
returned to the element style notation for XInclude'.

> This serves two purposes:
> 1) we are free to innovate and do the right things without messing with
> W3C politics
> 2) we are future-compatible with xinclude client-side support without
> requiring W3C acknoledgment for server side processing (which is almost
> impossible since they seem to believe serving is a natural property of
> the web! go figure)

> what do you think?

Yeah, makes sense. For the time being, how does:


grab people? Would we need to an equivalent of the 'parse' attribute? My
guess is not (since at present all the content will be XML streams


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