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From Paul Russell <>
Subject Re: SiLLy [was Re: Normalizing xsp uri namespaces]
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2001 15:14:34 GMT
* Giacomo Pati ( wrote :
> > Well, broadly speaking, anyway. What happened to SiLLy? Do we have a
> > schema lying around? 
> The only writte resources I know about is in xdocs/logicsheet-concepts.xml 
> and somewhere in a cocoon-dev mail archive.

Uhuh. Not a lot there, as yet, from what I remember.

> > It shouldn't be that hard to write if we knew what
> > we were aiming for.
> Yes, likely. And now the obligate question :) do you (or anybody else here of 
> course) volunteer for it?

Heh. I might be able to do it, but I'm *very* short of time at the

> Should we grab those information and design SiLLy?

Yes, I think so. Let's get the thing designed, and then we'll see who's
got the time to implement it (this might well be me by then - my
workload is likely to change a lot soonish).

> It definitively is an easier piece than the aggregation or the cache 
> proposals.

One of which is *still* waiting for me to sum up everyone's opinions and
post a proposal. Real Soon Now, hopefully :/


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