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From Paul Russell <>
Subject [C2] Major problems with DOMBuilder & XIncludeTransformer
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2001 21:01:54 GMT
Hi all,

We in Luminas Towers use the XIncludeTransformer from time to time to
include the odd paragraph from another document. We do this by
xincluding an xpath pointing to said paragraph. Recent changes have
broken this. I'm now getting variously DOM namespace and hierachy
request errors. I *can* fix these errors, but by doing so, will almost
certainly break other things. The fix in question is to modify
DOMBuilder so that it does not recreate the document root node if no
DTD has been specified. I am not familiar with DOMBuilder, and the
reasons it is built the way it is. Does anyone here understand this code
intimately? It was written by Pier, who is currently otherwise engaged.

I'm more than happy to apply my 'fixes', if that's what you guys want,
but if there is someone out there who understands this better, it may be
wise for them to either step in, or give me some pointers.


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