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From Paul Russell <>
Subject Re: [C2] Latest CVS does not build.
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2001 14:46:31 GMT
* Berin Loritsch ( wrote :
> You know, I have been batting 1000 yesterday.  Have any of you had a
> day where you got alot done, but arrive the next day to find out you
> screwed up?  The code compiled and worked under Xerces 1.3--but due
> to some issues brought up, and the fact that it didn't handle &#160;
> correctly, I backed to Xerces 1.2.3.  I tested it (but didn't recompile
> it), and everything worked well.

Heh. No problem. Found the problem and fixed it, so it doesn't matter :)

> Really, I would love to get rid of the DOM related stuff, as everything
> in Cocoon uses SAX--Except for the Slides demo.  My whole intention is
> to get to a point where the XML parser can be any JAXP compliant parser--not
> necessarily one that implements both DOM and SAX, but at least the SAX 2
> parser.

Yeah. I'm doing something at the moment which uses DOM, as well. I can't
think of a way of doing it in any other way, because it needs to use
XPath to select nodes, and the only XPath implementation we have
available is DOM based, right?

> I need a second look at the standard....

Heh. I only downloaded it earlier today, too...


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