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From Jörg Prante <>
Subject Re: Contribution: session tracking for Cocoon 2
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2001 09:14:19 GMT

Davanum Srinivas wrote:

>Do you have some time to look into the session.xsl which currently exists in 
>Cocoon2 and come up
>with a doc/samples? 

dims, here you can find what you requested. 

Attached you find a file 'sessionpage.xsp' which can be easily included into 
the doc/samples directory. 

It is the most simple case I can think of: a 'sessionized' XSP which displays 
the current session ID, and offers a HTML link that points to the page 
itself. Please ensure before you play around that you use the modified 
'map:redirect-to' with the attribute 'session="true"' somewhere in a previous 
step in the 'doc/samples' pipeline in the sitemap, so that a session ID will 
be created for 'sessionpage.xsp'. 

>This session.xsl has been ported from C1 and my guess is that a lot of people
>would like to use it again. You could also send us a comparison of your 
>version and the one that
>is already checked in.

I used the 'session.xsl' which has been just imported into Cocoon 2 CVS a few 
days before. 

Attached you find a file 'session.diff.txt' which shows clearly that I only 
needed to extend the 'session.xsl' a little bit with two additional tags. I 
admit the solution is not as elegant as it could be. The reason is that all I 
need for session tracking now is the usage of HTML's <a> and <form> tags. 

The modifed 'session.xsl' could also work with Cocoon 1, but I'm not sure how 
to specify session creation points in Cocoon 1 without a sitemap.


Jörg Prante
Sevenval AG (HRB 32757) e-business marketing technologies
D-50667 Köln . Alter Markt 36-42
Fon +49 221 65007-0 . Fax 4249891 .

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