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From Jörg Prante <>
Subject Contribution: session tracking for Cocoon 2
Date Tue, 20 Feb 2001 08:16:35 GMT

After using Cocoon 2 since October last year and reading the Cocoon-devel
list since January, I like to give something back.

I have added URI-based session tracking to Cocoon 2. This will be used in one
of our commercial tools that will use a modified Cocoon 2. I'm sure that
session tracking will convince many companies of using Cocoon 2 because it is
a useful feature.

Please apologize if I'm wrong but I couldn't find information on the project
site about plans if and how Cocoon 2 will support session tracking.

I allowed myself getting bold and wrote an XML Stylebook document for the
Cocoon 'xdocs' directory which explains all the changes I did to the latest
CVS. It includes all the code fragments I have added, plus a short
introduction for people who are not familiar with session tracking. I hope
this document can be useful for the Cocoon 2 documentation if you decide to
receive my contribution.

Please excuse me that I am not sending diff's because this will not explain
things I've done. The CVS is moving so fast that this does not make much

I'd like to contribute more features to Cocoon 2 and other Apache projects -
e.g. log analysis of tracked sessions - if you agree with the proposed
solution, so please give me some feedback.

Please see the attached sessions.xml for all the details.


Jörg Prante
Sevenval AG (HRB 32757) e-business marketing technologies
D-50667 Köln . Alter Markt 36-42
Fon +49 221 65007-0 . Fax 4249891 .

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