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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: Standardizing XSP Namespaces
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2001 03:04:48 GMT
On Thu,  8 Feb 2001 20:19, Paul Russell wrote:
> * Donald Ball ( wrote :
> > on the other hand, i'd hate to make people change namespaces again. boy,
> > it sure seems like the namespace working group could have antipicated
> > this problem and written in some support for namespace migration... well,
> > c'e la vie. anyway, i have no strong opinion one way or the other, so i'd
> > let people vote. do we stick with this scheme
> >
> >
> -1 if we are definately migrating, I'd rather move to something general.
> > or generalize to
> >
> >
> +1

There were some heated debates on XML-DEV about including versioning info in 
namespace URIs :)

It might be nice to make XSP namespaces resolvable, and put a RDDL 
document[1] at the end them.

While everyone's talking about taglib namespaces, is there any consensus on 
what non-"official" taglibs should use?


1) http://<somecompany>/xsp/<taglib>/<version>

The second is effectively Apache donating a bit of "name space" to taglib 

I'd prefer 2), because taglibs are the products of individuals, not 
companies. What if I'm not affiliated with a company, or I change from 
<somecompany> to <anothercompany>? No doubt, one could use URNs or something,

but that's my other reason: "rememberability" ;) It's much easier to remember 
taglib namespaces if they all start with "" and all 
follow a regular pattern.


"RDDL offers an answer to "what might a namespace URI mean?" by providing:
  a text description of some class of resources and of other resources 
related to that class. It also contains a directory of links to these related 
resources. An example of a class of resources is that defined by an XML 
Namespace. Examples of such related resources include schemas, stylesheets, 
and executable code. A Resource Directory Description is designed to be 
suitable for service as the body of a resource returned by deferencing a URI 
serving as an XML Namespace name."


> > > After dependancies on prefixes are resolved, the expected
> > > results should be that if the stylesheet creates elements,
> > > they should belong to the associated namespace, using the
> > > default prefix.
> >
> > i will love you forever when you remove the dependencies on namespace
> > prefixes.
> Be afraid ;)
> P.

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