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From "Sven Kuenzler" <>
Subject WebWork (was: Re: [ot] XSLT pain in the *?)
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2001 16:37:46 GMT
Addenum: The webwork tutorial can be accessed here:

Sven ....

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From: ""Sven Kuenzler"" <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2001 5:27 PM
Subject: Re: [ot] XSLT pain in the *?

> > To be clarified it is mostly in the context of writing logicsheets.  XSP
> is
> > a cool technology, however trying to write an XSP LogicSheet is a pain
> the
> > hind end because of the XSLT semantics.
> OK. As I stated in another post, this was not my concern when asking for
> XSLT challenges.
> But as XSLT on the logic side seems to be considered a problem, I'd like
> take the opportunity to point out to  another approach we've been testing
> independently from Cocoon. It's an open source project called "Webwork"
> (, originating from the JBoss
> community.
> <disclaimer>
> I am just starting to understand the problem space called "web apps". The
> action pattern used in Webwork is something new to me. However, the
> people often compare their work to Struts. Thus, it's possible that I'm
> trying to sell really "old news" to you.
> </disclaimer>
> Besides other things, WebWork provides a contract between  Java Beans and
> JSP. For WebWork, "Actions" are JavaBeans with an execute() method. This
> execute() is  used to populate the beans' properties. Such an Action has
> different views associated with it. These are either Actions themselves or
> JSPs.  Those JSPs are able to access its Actions' properties via the
> tag lib. Additionally, the JSP can instantiate more Action Beans and
> their properties.
> <disclaimer>
> The Webwork taglib can do more things which esp. you Cocoon2-guys won't
> (include other JSPs, eval boolean expressions, ...). When looking at the
> WebWork tutorial, focus on the tags <ww:bean>, <ww:property> and
> <ww:iterator>. They provide the functionality I am talking about.
> </disclaimer>
> My question is whether such a taglib would be a useful thing to have for
> Cocoon2. It could serve as contract between logic and content, sparing the
> "logic department" from XSL logicsheets. What would be the limitations of
> such an approach?
>     Sven....
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