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From "Sven Kuenzler" <>
Subject Re: [ot] XSLT pain in the *?
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2001 13:58:42 GMT
Hi Martin,

> XSLT is very powerful but in real world production the problem I faced is
> one want to write stylesheets:

In your answer, you are adressing two very different problems, I think. They
happen to look alike, because Cocoon is utilizing XSLT in both areas.

> - Developers says this is too restrictive, not a real langage and say it's
> not their job.
> Sometimes they agree to write an XSP Logicsheet but they are now really
> angry about writing *a lot* of text (<,>) instead of just writing
> OO Servlets (yup i know they don't have exactly the same role but..).

I understood this is an issue that is accepted in the Cocoon community. In
order to reduce the amount of XML content a developer in the "logic
department" has to write, there were plans to create a special language,
named Silly.

> - Graphists says they don't want to open an editor, but want to stay in
> Phtotoshop or Dreamweaver.
> At that point we have decided to drop Cocoon because of this XSL/T
> I personaly thinks XSLT is really useful when you have no other choice to
> use it (transform a document in an other) but not useful to create content
> until Macromedia or someone else doesn't make an XSL editor for graphist.

This issue was my original concern: Does anybody know whether there are
(Semi-)WYSIWYG-XSLT tools in development? What are the key drawbacks of XSLT
when your task is
   - to layout a web site?
   - to make page "look nice"?


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