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From "Simon Waddington" <>
Subject Class loading and simplifying Cocoon installation
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 19:26:23 GMT
Maybe this feature is in C2 (I confess I haven't been following it too
closely) but wouldn't it simplify Cocoon installation and usage greatly if
it could be distributed as a simple web app archive.  Almost all servlet
engines (JServ seems to be the only pre-servlet 2.2 engine in common usage)
these days support a .war file directly, or if not, will support an unpacked
.war file.

I've found so far that the only issues with Cocoon that hampers this are

a) some servers include incompatible XML parser classes in the system path
b) that the XSP engine does not find the Cocoon and other required classes
at compile time
c) repositories and other files should really be contained within the
WEB-INF dir (but don't actually need to be, its just a cleaner and more
portable install).

I don't think there is a way around a) except to modify the system path for
the server.  Shame.  So far I've only found that Tomcat 3.x is suffering
this problem, but there are probably other servers that have it.

But b) looks emminently fixable - either by modifying the XSPClassloader (is
this actually used during compilation - I haven't figured that one out, if
not it seems to me it could be), or by wailing on the -classpath or -extdirs
option of Javac and hopefully Jikes (I haven't checked to see if Jikes
supports -extdirs).

c) is easily fixable too.

Does anyone else think the benefits would be worth making the moving towards
better servlet 2.2+ and app server compatibility?

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