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From "Berin Loritsch" <>
Subject Re: Standardizing XSP Namespaces
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2001 02:21:10 GMT
> i'd almost concur, but on the xsp-dev list, matt requested a move to a
> cocoon-agnostic namespace for shared xsp logicsheets (he has an impl of
> esql and is discussing doing some others). on the one hand, he's got a
> point, maybe something like this would be better:

Point taken, and I like that style of URL.  Short, simple, generic, and has
versioning.  Some of these things will not change much after they are
defined, so we should be good.

> on the other hand, i'd hate to make people change namespaces again. boy,
> it sure seems like the namespace working group could have antipicated this
> problem and written in some support for namespace migration... well, c'e
> la vie. anyway, i have no strong opinion one way or the other, so i'd let
> people vote. do we stick with this scheme

+0 -- Not opposed, but don't want to cause too much rework

> or generalize to

+1 -- To me, this is preferred.

> > After dependancies on prefixes are resolved, the expected
> > results should be that if the stylesheet creates elements,
> > they should belong to the associated namespace, using the
> > default prefix.
> i will love you forever when you remove the dependencies on namespace
> prefixes.

I am convinced this is going to take some rewriting of the XSP engine in
Cocoon 2.  My take on this is that we need the prefixes specified in the
configuration still.

1) When the URI is encountered, the logicsheet is run.
2) When the logicsheet creates elements associated with the URI, it
    uses the prefix specified in the configuration engine.
3) We don't need to overspecify the namespaces, all it does is eat up
    precious processing power.

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