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From "Tagunov Anthony" <>
Subject [C2][Caching][Q&A][Opinions?][complement]
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2001 17:44:28 GMT
Hi, All!

Just can't help writing this as a complement to my prev e-mail.
I have described there a scheme for building the cache and I'm afraid that I have out one

In the 2) approach, when making a compound "second" part of the caching key (either in 2.1)
or in 2.2) manner)
we should also have the components that drive conditional processing also contribute to this
caching key.

Consider the example:

<map:match test="**/foo.xml">
   <map:generate ../>
   <map:some-condiditional-directive test-if="a.eq.'b'">
      <map:translate src="foo.xsl"/>

(sorry for rough, approximate syntax) 

What I want to stress is that if a equals 'b' and otherwise we
get different results. And therefore should get different
caching keys.

So what I propose, is to get some caching keys
assosiated with the conditional components. These
keys should be similar to those generated by the
Dinamic components. 

For the given example a good caching key would be
"a=b" if a equals 'b' and NOTHING otherwise.
Or ( "test'a.eq'b''=true" or "test'a.eq'b''=false")

I mean, that it would be desirable for a coniditional expression
with only two possible outcomes (true and false) have
only two different caching keys (so that
for condition we would get only two different
keys. not a different key for each (a,b) combination.)

Accordingly for alternative components that have
n > 2 outcomes (switch expression) it would be
nice to have n different caching key values.

Best regards,
Tagunov Anthony

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