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From "Tagunov Anthony" <>
Subject [C2][Content aggreation][Proposal #1438]XInclude style aggregation
Date Sat, 27 Jan 2001 21:04:19 GMT
Hello, All!

Actually I was tring to produce my own vision of How-To-Do-Caching-Well-for-C2
(do I sound like Vinni-The-Pull?)
and come up to something, but then I desided to try to invent something that wouldn't
fit into my schema.

I was VERY upset to find out my schema was not good for that, but this might
actually be a good feature:

So, do you think we could have XInclude-Style aggregation? I mean could we run
aggregation as a translator rather then a generator?
Can it be not the first one in the chain?

<map:translate type="aggregate">
  <source src="some-name" nick="one"/>
  <source src="some-name2" nick="two"/>
  <!--and in the doc being processed therese <incl aggregate:nick="one"/>-->

Or even a more terrible example
<map:translate type="aggregate">
  <!--and in the doc being processed therese <incl aggregate:src="one"/><incl

P.S. the subject with #1438 was just a joke :)

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