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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: [OT] Does anyone else find this deeply worrying?
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2001 18:09:43 GMT
On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Paul Russell wrote:

> I've just had by bi-daily trawl through all the news sites on the net,
> and found this piece on slashdot:
> The piece points to the following URL on an ASP based site:
> I find this *extremely* worrying, and feel it flies in the face of
> exactly what we're trying to achieve with Cocoon and modern internet
> application frameworks in general. Is this individual misguided, or are
> there others (the majority?!) who share his opinion? I would hate to see
> the internet go this way, wouldn't you?

sure would, but i'm not that worried - the browser wars are about to heat
up again, what with konqueror spreading like wildfire, AOLzilla finally
re-achieving stability, and the projected explosion of microbrowsing
devices. competition keeps people honest - look at what win32 has done for
linux, and vice versa.

time for a quick shout out to the apache-httpd guys though. there was a
period there where it was possible for microsoft to win both the client
and the server side. if that had been the case, they would effectively
control the web (try this scenario - starting now, all microsoft
components will only talk over ms-http - an undocumented, proprietary
protocol that you'll need a $10,000 license fee to be able to speak...) if
it hadn't been for the apache-httpd project, things could have been a lot
different. thanks guys!

- donald

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