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Subject Re: [C2] Xalan 2 and LogicSheets
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2001 15:15:02 GMT

I can't remember whether I posted an answer to this previously or not,
but... Yes, we've got something under development; a very early and
still-incomplete prototype is checked in as the CompiledStylesheetHandler
class, which generates "bundle" files currently containing a mix of
generated Java classfiles and serialized objects. At this time the bundles
are dependent upon most of the rest of Xalan, to support the serialized

Currently I'm just "shelling out" to the standard Java compiler, mostly for
clarity during development and because I'm not yet ready to reinvent the
bytecode optimization logic. Theoretically, it wouldn't be too hard to plug
in direct bytecode generation if/when we decide we're ready to do so.

I agree wholeheartedly with Scott that this is a kind of automated
micro-optimization. I will be very surprised if we get a 2X performance
improvement as a result of compilation. The main motivation for doing it is
that eventually we may be able to run with a reduced operating set (by
creating reduced jarfiles that include only the classes this particular
bundle relies upon), and the fact that in the process of deciding how to
compile the interpretive logic we're likely to expose some opportunities
for algorithmic improvement -- which is where the real performance
opportunities lie.

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Joseph Kesselman is working on this aspect of Xalan.

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