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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: Tinderbox builds
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2001 16:31:42 GMT
Robin Green wrote:
> Minor request: can you add a full CLASSPATH so we can
> see the version numbers at a glance? After all, it's
> theoretically possible that a new version was released
> since the page was last updated.

Minor clarification: when I say that this represents the results of
compiling the project in question with the latest version of its
dependencies, I truly mean the up-to-the-minute latest, checked out and
built from CVS.  If you click on the dependencies at the top of the page
you will see the build results for those projects if they can be built by
me, or more information on what version was downloaded if not.  (By the
way, where does one find jstyle these days?)

As an example, Batik is not yet released.  A pre-release jar is checked
into cocoon2 so that development can continue.  This isolates the cocoon
development team from the daily churn of the interfaces.

What my web site will provide is advanced warning of pending changes.  In
fact, the failure you see there now with Batik was not present yesterday.
Hopefully the knowledge of this incompatibility will cause the right people
to start talking to one another and making plans to ultimately converge.

- Sam Ruby

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