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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject AW: Status of XMLCompiler - Please vote...
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2001 12:43:59 GMT
> Paul Russell wrote:
> Yeah, that's fine, but a very strong -1 for just adding classes
> because they 'might be useful'. If the cache needs them, then
> that's fine, if something else *core* needs them, then that's fine,
> but Cocoon2 is already 23,000 lines of code, let's not make it bigger
> than it has to be. For those familiar with XP, You Ain't Gonna Need it.
> For those who aren't <URL:> is *well*
> worth a read, it might just change the way you work.
Believe me, I am familiar with XP....Of course, you are right: just adding
classes which are never be used by the project itself, should be avoided.

OK, I didn't want to come up with this at this stage, but e.g. I could 
integrate the XMLCompiler into the FileGenerator for caching. So the 
FileGenerator can cache the parsed file using the XMLCompiler. This would
speed up the FileGenerator (I think Stefano proposed that when he announced
the XMLCompiler). This caching would be independent from the big caching
algorithm C2 uses, like the caching of stylesheets in the XalanTransformer.
In addition the big - yet-to-do - caching algorithm might need it, to cache
partial responses. I don't mean caching at each stage in the pipeline!
Sometimes it might be usefull to cache a response upto a specific point in the
pipeline as all following stages are highly dynamic - but this is just a 
my thoguhts...

> > (OK, I know, I can't start a vote - but it's worth trying...)
> Hahaha. We're open source. You can start what you like :)
Really? Ok, ehm.....ehm....I want to start integrating the XMLCompiler into C2! Is this OK.....


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